Aspen Horizon 637 LSO Medical Products

Aspen Horizon Back Brace 637 LSO


Product Features:

  • Can be easily stepped down to the Horizon Pro
  • Flexible yet firm back panel providing lateral support
  • Removable side panels to provide you with extra support if needed
  • Designed with pull tabs to apply the ideal amount of pressure
  • Easy to maintain cleanliness, just use soap and water
  • Can be worn underneath clothing, undershirt is recommended




Product Description

Horizon 637 LSO by Aspen

Providing ultimate lateral support the Horizon 637 LSO gives you comfort and stability in your healing process. The flexible and strong back panel conforms to your back’s shape giving you support, If you needed additional support you can add or remove the rigid side panels that are installed. There is a flex tab feature that apply’s the necessary pressure that your trouble area needs while still keeping you structured. Ideal for Osteoporosis, disc herniation, lumbar disc injury, lower back pain or strains, and IDET procedures.



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