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Breg T Scope Hip Brace


Product Features:

  • Comfortable pads throughout the brace including on the outside to protect the patients hands while using crutches
  • Easy to use quick lock allows you to lock in 5 comforting positions
  • Sliding waist cuff is installed
  • Waist belt that is removable and can also be used as a back support after recovery
  • Semi-rigid cuffs which helps maintain control of the femur

Product Description

T Scope Hip Brace by Breg

With it’s universal fit the T Scope Hip Brace by Breg is specially designed for comfort and support for patients. Some common uses are micro-fracture procedures, hamstring repairs, gluteus medius repairs, and hip repairs. Installed with the T-Scope range-of-motion hinge, the hip brace provides unlimited movement with just the push of a button.


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